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Another breed of cat...

Our family cat, Cosby. (1978-1980)
Cosby snoozing.Cosby exploring. Danger Cat
These are tiny collages made from magazine ads. (1998)
MooncatAngel Cat Angelico
Yes, that's me as a cat done in Illustrator. (1999)
CatmanCat grinning.Catman
Drawing done in Illustrator. (from 2001)
A flying catThe Flying Cat
Felt tip on paper drawings. (2002)
Cat momA feline ballerinaSnow beaver Line Drawings
From a series of black and white icons done in Illustrator. (2002)
Dayze daynight Gnites
A church Halloween display project. (2003)
Angelic visitorsCatman Heaven-sent visitors
Charcoal drawing for a figure drawing class. (2007)
Night Cats Night Cats
Digital paintings done in Corel Painter. (2010)
Memory - ShadowsMemory - Color TransformationMemory - Textural Transformation Memory Transformations
Faux calligraphy. Watercolor on paper. (2010)
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