A Modern Renaissance Man

R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) was a visionary American designer, architect, author, scientist, and inventor - an eclectic mix of skills and ideas that made him a modern version of the "Renaissance Man". Buckminster FullerGeodesic Dome

Dymaxion: Doing More With Less

Fuller's guiding concept was called dynamic maximum tension: "dymaxion". He wanted to draw the most benefit from the least amount of energy and materials. This lead to his promotion of geodesic domes - structures that are relatively light yet stable and strong. Fuller invented a car that applied these ideas of efficiency. Ahead of its time, a deadly crash and scared financiers kept it off the assembly line. Likewise, a manufactured home design was held back by management and funding problems. Later designers and planners still regard these projects as icons of forward thinking. Fuller's philosophy of seeking the most benefit for the masses of humanity has perhaps been his most influential contribution to mankind. Dymaxion Car

What It Means To Me

I have always enjoyed futuristic designs like these. They appeal to my sense of logic; at the same time, I find them beautiful in their own right. It says to me that the future is already here if we merely have the will to grasp these tools and put them to use. People have designed structures that are economical to build and resistant to fire and hurricanes. There are vehicles that are fuel efficient beyond those on the road today. More people could live in much better conditions if we would use the efficient methods that are now available. Dymaxion House
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