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About Myself

My family is Chinese-American and Christian; most of us are native Californians. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii when my father was stationed there with the U.S. Air Force. My schooling has been based here in the Sacramento, California area. I have a B.A. in English Literature from U.C. Davis. My career has been in light industry with mailing equipment, product packaging, chemical mixing for biotech use, and warehouse functions. I've even learned to operate a conveyor belt and a standup forklift.

Computer Experience

I was initially introduced to an Apple 2 machine with WordPerfect. My first computer was a used PC with Windows 3.1 and Office. From there, I got a new Win 95 with 48MB RAM and a 2G hard drive! Moved on to an XP tower machine with 1G RAM and 80G. Then, I have had 2 successive XP laptops. I am familiar with office and publishing software. I am on the Net, sorting e-mail and surfing nightly.

Web Knowledge

I have ARC Art New Media Web, Multimedia, and Graphic Design certificates from 2001. My classes used coding and Adobe GoLive to create websites. I have had LightWave animation classes. I created site pages for the now closed Michael Himovitz Gallery during an internship. My previous work is displayed at The Flying Cats.

Why I Am Here at American River College

To update my skills. To learn what has changed in the field. To make a career transition into a more creative job. I have also rekindled an interest in developing my abilities in the fine arts.

My Interests

  • Aircraft - Historic and current designs; facts and figures. See the Boeing Company Gallery.
  • Maneki Neko - Japanese "Good Luck" cat statues and figurines. See some examples at Old Japan.
  • Animals - Adopt a pet at Pet Finder.
  • Sci-Fi - This site compares starships and objects from almost any movie and TV series. Starship Dimensions.

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