Uses for Cow Gas

Drawing for Cow Project

Power from cow gas.

Refined Drawing of Cows

Cow gas capture...

Comp Drawing of Cows

Cows power the West.

Final Cow Illustration

Michaelangelo Inspiration

Prep Drawing for Coffee

Divine Coffee

Refined Coffee Drawing

Coffee divine...

Comp Coffee Drawing

Coffee borne by angels.

Final Coffee Illustration

Lord Ii wields his bow.

Prep Drawing for Story

An odd invitation.

Refined Story Drawing

A close escape.

Comp Story Drawing

Story of the Maneki Neko

Final Story Illustration

A drawing of Bruce Willis

Prep Drawing for Portrait

Bruce Willis in 16 Blocks.

Refined Portrait Drawing

Bruce Willis in 16 Blocks.

Comp Portrait Drawing

Bruce Willis as a fauvre.

Final Portrait Illustration

Bach audits me.

Prep Calendar Drawing

Michelangelo consorts  with Van Gogh.

Refined Calendar Drawing

Michelangelo encourages Vincent to paint on.

Comp Calendar Drawing

Vincent receives Michelangelo's blessing.

Final Calendar Illustration

An exploration of illustration techniques and principles.
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