Digital Painting

My Hand

My Hand

Green Phone

The Green Phone

Analogous Self-portrait

Analogous Me

Cat and New Year's Ox

Still Life Complementary

Bistro Still Life

Secondary Triad Still Life

Split-complementary Creatures


Thomas Eakins "Singer"

Eakin's "The Singer"

My Singer Sketch

My "Singer" Sketch

My "Singer"

My "Singer" Painting

Alien World

Alien World Sketch

Night Rocket

Night Rocket Scene

Red Sun World

Red Sun World

Alternate World

Alternate World

Starfleet Bridge Crew

Starfleet Bridge Crew

Me as Super Hero

Me as a Super Hero

Photo Pose for Super Hero

Pose for Super Hero

Digital Sketch for Super Hero

Super Hero Digital Sketch

Super Hero vs. Robot

Super Hero Composition

Special FX Super Hero

Alternate Color Effects

Me vs. Metal

Liquid Metal Effects

An exploration into digital painting using Corel Painter X.

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